Nina J

Love this station! My husband and I listen throughout the day and it is truly a blessing! Praise God! I listen both in the car and at work, on the app and online. Thank you for sharing good Holy Spirit filled music, amazing preaching and teaching, and thank you for...


Only radio station I know of that preaches, teaches, and plays gospel music 24/7, to any where in the world. What an amazing blessing to reach millions with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Perfect for keeping your mind right throughout the day. Thank you Matt Crane for this amazing Christian radio station. Praise the LORD!!!


Thank you for your time and effort. FFBR has been a blessing, thanks brother.


I work in the Hotel Industry, sometimes my duties include laundry and I love putting on FFBR while I’m working and anyone coming into the laundry room hears it; great witness. Thank you