Nina J

Love this station! My husband and I listen throughout the day and it is truly a blessing! Praise God! I listen both in the car and at work, on the app and online. Thank you for sharing good Holy Spirit filled music, amazing preaching and teaching, and thank you for...

William Brannen

Great content. I especially enjoy the addition of the Teaching stream in addition to the Preaching. Thank you for providing a 24/7 God-honoring radio alternative. God bless.

William M.

This app is one of the most helpful resources I’ve found in over 50 years as a Christian. It has the practical benefit of helping me keep my mind on the things of the Lord, and giving me a huge variety of KJV teaching and preaching. Thank you!

Clinton S.

The best Bible believing preaching you can get! Subscribe to the premium, it will be the best $5 you spend each month!