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Gary Wiggins

Boys’ Home Ministry

Lawfare Attack

 – July 2022 – 

Trokon Zahn

Solar Panel Power

for FFBR Liberia FM 


Campaigns for Christ

Malawi Campaign 

Bible Printing Project


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  “In 2018, I was falsely accused of criminal activity while conducting the Joshua Home for Boys. The outrageous claims that were further embellished by the news media and without any evidence, the authorities shut down our ministry, arrested my wife and I and ever since we have been living through the nightmare of trying to defend our innocence and clear our name. 

   As you can probably imagine, the last 3 years have been very difficult for me and my family as this case has dragged on and our family’s future hangs in the balance of the court’s decision. Our trial is going to be held in Burnet, TX on July 11th – 22nd (2022). There are substantial costs involved with legal fees, travel, accomodations, lodging, not to mention the expenses of travel and accomodations of the witnesses who will be testifying on our  defense. 

   We greatly appreciate your prayer and support. If you would like more information regarding our case, please click on the update button below.

                                                       – Gary Wiggins

  “FFBR Liberia FM is doing very well here in Liberia. We have people tuning in daily from all over and we were even recently awarded with “Best Christian Radio station” by the Ministerial Council of Johnsonville!

  Around October of last year we switched from a diesel generator as the station’s power source to the city’s electric grid, which saved us a lot of money and enabled us to broadcast for longer periods of time. We were making preparations to begin 24 / 7 broadcasting when multiple turbines failed at the power plant. We have been without electricity now for over three months and are back to broadcasting using our generator. 

  Global inflation is causing diesel is to become very scarce and very expensive here in Liberia. It is very possible that we will not have the ability to broadcast much longer due to this, which is why I would like to purchase some solar panels to power our transmitter. The professional radio technician that helped us assemble our tower has assured me that solar panels would be sufficient to power our station as he has already done this with another station in town.

  We would like to purchase four 500 watt solar panels which would enable us to broadcast FFBR Liberia FM 24 /7 and remove our reliance on diesel. Ideally, the city’s electricity will come back on, but with how things go here in Liberia, there is no guarantee.

                                                       – Trokon Zahn

  “The LORD has recently enabled the Campaigns for Christ ministry to expand to the African nation of Malawi, where we will be conducting evangelistic campaigns August 2022, April 2023, and Fall 2023. We already have 100,000 bilingual (English and Chichewa) John & Romans to be freely given to the people of Malawi on the August campaign and we are preparing for 200,000 more needed for the 2023 campaigns.

We have raised $10,000 of the needed $30,000 and are asking for your help in supporting this need to print and ship the Gospel to Malawi. You can send a one time donation of any amount, or choose to ‘purchase’ a set number of boxes of John & Romans for these campaigns.

Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated and will be used for the furtherance of the Gospel in Malawi. To learn more about this ministry and opportunities to join us on a future campaign, please visit our website at www.campaignsforchrist.org.”

                                                       – Bro Dave Darling

Takis Korianitis

Zakynthos Church Building


Brian Kelly

Manhattan Store Front Church


Afghanistan Christians

Aid and Help in Persecution 

 – ongoing – 

  “The building is close to town and able to reach a lot more people.  It is also much bigger than the place we have now and it will be used for various ministries.

  Upon completion of the new building, our building at the camp site will be used for summer camps and a three month day care center that will give us the opportunity to witness to many families more intensely.”

                                                       – Takis Korianitis

   “For years, King James Bible Baptist Church has been the only KJV Bible believng church in Manhattan but has always had to minister on the streets through tract tables and outdoor services.

  The Lord has recently opened a door for our church to have an actual store front church building, but we need to secure the funds for a sizeable deposit up front.”                                                                                                                                                    – Brian Kelly

  “The money that is raised here goes towards the needs of persecuted Christians in Afghanistan and provides for things such as food, clothing, blankets, Bibles, etc… and occasionally helps with the expenses involved with actual escape from the country.”

                                                                         – N.V.

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