Scripture Sign Combo Box

Help display the word of God to the multitudes of lost people overseas with a Scripture Sign Combo Box!
Each box is filled with a combination of Scripture stickers, t-shirts, and magnets, and the high International cost of shipping is included!

1 box = 1 Missionary = $100 (international shipping included)

Benefits of sending a Scripture Sign Combo Box include:
– Enables missionaries to have these materials (usually too expensive to ship, so missionaries go without these materials)
– Can be in nearly any language
– You have direct involvement in sowing the word of God in foreign countries
– Conversational openers for Missionaries

*For more information scroll to the bottom of this page.

The missionaries that are currently available to send Combo Boxes to are listed below:

CountryMissionarySend a Box!
AustraliaJason YoungSend A Box!
AustraliaPhillip GaddesSend A Box!
BelizeTony & Brooke TureskoSend A Box!
BulgariaDanny KesslerSend A Box!
CanadaBryer familySend A Box!
ChilePhilip & Brenda RobinsonSend A Box!
Costa RicaHoffman familySend A Box!
EthiopiaHeath FussnerSend A Box!
GermanyNico VerhoefSend A Box!
GreenlandJR WrightSend A Box!
HungaryJonatan AndrasikSend A Box!
IndonesiaClint BurdenSend A Box!
IrelandAaron JenkinsSend A Box!
MexicoAdam Russell
Send A Box!
MexicoFred Dye
Send A Box!
MexicoMichael MeyerSend A Box!
Papua New Guinea (New Britain Island)Bryan & Teena GirardSend A Box!
Papua New GuineaKyle ShellSend A Box!
PhilippinesBob CrissSend A Box!
RussiaPerry DemopoulosSend A Box!
Tyrol (Austria)Joel HauserSend A Box!
UkraineCasey KlineSend A Box!
UkraineChris RueSend A Box!
UkraineDaniel BardwellSend A Box!
UkraineDavid LohmanSend A Box!
(please contact us first to verify)
contact usSend A Box!

*More info: These boxes are not for the profit of Final Fight Bible Radio’s or Magnetic Scripture Signs’ ministry. The majority of the cost is international shipping, the remainder is the cost of the materials. The high shipping cost is the main reason most missionaries do not have these materials. We set out to discover a way to get these valuable materials overseas, and so far, the product and price that we have come up with here is the best and most cost effective method to send over the greatest quantity and variety of these materials.