Strategic Spiritual Warfare series (MP3 Digital Download)




Strategic Spiritual Warfare series (MP3 Digital Download)*
By: Matt Crane  (2017)
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11 lessons

In this important study, you will learn the Biblical difference between the World, the Flesh and the Devil, their distinguishable methods of attack against the Christian and the Biblical blueprint of how to fight and defend against each one.

Lesson 1 – The World
Lesson 2 – The World part 2
Lesson 3 – The Flesh
Lesson 4 – The Flesh part 2
Lesson 5 – The Flesh part 3
Lesson 6 – The Flesh part 4
Lesson 7 – The Devil
Lesson 8 – The Devil part 2
Lesson 9 – Advanced Deception
Lesson 10 – Advanced Deception part 2
Lesson 11 – Advanced Deception part 3

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