Ministering to Missionaries

This page is Final Fight Bible Radio’s idea, not the missionaries’ idea.

This a page dedicated to missionaries around the world who are fighting the good fight of faith and could use some help from the home front.
These men are Missionaries who have forsaken all to follow Christ and have needs just like you do.
Please pray for these missionaries and consider donating to their needs.

As always, we stand behind our policy of “100% of what is donated to the missionaries goes to the missionaries”.

Consider this page as a Direct Deposit into your heavenly bank account (Matthew 6:19-21).

Missionary NameFieldNeedCostFundraiser StatusDonation Link
Takis KorianitisGreeceWork Truck$11,000FINISHED! Praise God!
Trokon ZahnLiberiaAnkle Injury Surgery$3,000ongoingDonate to this Need

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