CONNECTING with MISSIONARIES while "Staying-At-Home"

…what doth hinder me…?”

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly had it’s impact on the world stage.  Here in America it has impacted communication and functioning between the federal government, states, municipalities, jobs, families, and even churches.  However, with the countless ripple effects, there is another vitally important group that the “stay-at-home” orders have hindered.  MISSIONARIES.  Families on deputation have been forced to cancel meetings and unable to raise support.  Others that have been back home on furlough are unable to return to their field due to travel bans.  Then there are those that have been forced to return to the states due to government restrictions in those foreign countries – and with no guarantee as to when they can return.

Here at FFBR we want to help bridge the gap between the missionaries, pastors and churches, and those faithful listeners that have a desire to support these ministries.


Has your church had to cancel a meeting with a missionary due to the coronavirus?  Perhaps it was to hear about their ministry for the first time.  Maybe it was to have a missionary in, while on furlough, to hear about the work the Lord has been doing on that field.  Either way, having these meetings serves as an encouragement to both the missionary family and the church.  How many souls have been saved at a missions conference?  How many others have been called to the field by hearing the testimony and burden of a missionary?

The frequent use of social media and video-chat platforms have become the new norm.  Many churches are having services via livestream.  Families use them to keep in touch when they can’t travel to see each other. Have you/your church considered using these to meet with a missionary?  Could a missionary present their work via livestream at your next church services?