Listen to radio

For your convenience we offer a number of different ways to tune in.

Currently playing:


Some other options include:

1. ITunes/VLC/Other Player

If you prefer, you can use the below link to download a live stream link. You can open this file using iTunes, windows media player, VLC, etc.

2. Mobile Devices

Tune in via your Android or Apple smart phone

3. TuneIn Radio

If you don’t have an iPhone or Android device, you can still tune in using the “TuneIn Radio” app available on the Windows phone, Blackberry Phone, Smart TV,  XBOX, Vehicles equipped with apps, and many other smart devices.

4. VTuner Internet Radio

vTuner Internet Radio is available on many smart devices including Smart TVs, XBOX, Playstation, Digital Internet Radio devices, Vehicles equipped with internet, etc…

vTuner: Αλήθειας Φάρος Ελληνικό Βιβλικό Ραδιόφωνο

5. Audio Now

If you don’t have enough data or good reception on your smart phone (or maybe you don’t even own a cellular phone) you can now listen through a land line or ANY telephone by calling our AudioNow station phone line