India KJV TV Evangelism

Have you ever wanted to be a Tele – Evangelist? I don’t mean being a slick, smooth talking, false prophet / con-artist, I mean actually preaching the TRUTH of God’s word to potentially millions of people through the means of television!

B.A. Kiran Kumar is a KJV Bible Believing pastor who is looking for other Bible Believing pastors and teachers to participate in broadcasting their English sermons to potentially millions of people across north eastern India through a local TV channel that he has been granted access to.

The Cost:

FrequencyCost# of SermonsTimes Aired
1 week$1501 sermon3 times
2 weeks$3002 sermons3 times each
3 weeks$4503 sermons3 times each
Whole Month (best price)$4804 sermons3 times each

If you would like to participate in this, please fill out the form below and further information will be sent to you regarding the video format of sermons, how to set up your payment and how to send your material.

Thank you for your participation and God bless!

Frequency of Broadcast

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